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How to Perform a Block & Steal in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 is a game that requires some skill, and to up your gameplay, you need to learn various moves and techniques to ensure a clear win. In this guide, we will see how to perform a Block & Steal in NBA 2K23 these are two of the many techniques you can execute in the game and that you will have to learn to defend your team.

How to Perform a Block in NBA 2K23?

Perform a Block

Here, we will see how to perform a block in NBA 2K23:

1). You must be close to your opponent who has the ball and is planning to shoot it towards the goal. Likewise, you have to press the block key after being in position.

2). You need to press the triangle (PS)/ Y (Xbox)/ Number 3 (PC) to implement a block. You have to perform this block once you are in a position to stop opponents from scoring.

3). It should be noted that timing and being close to the potential scorer are critical when performing a block. You may fail a block if you press the assigned button too early. The same will happen when you press the button too late or are too far away from your opponent. You need to keep various factors in mind and get up close and personal to read your opponent's moves and the time your block.

The best way to practice your block technique is while training, especially with professional players in the game. That way, you can learn the ins and out of the block technique and perfect it before a big match.

How to Perform a Steal in NBA 2K23?

Perform a Steal

Here, we will see how to perform a steal in NBA 2K23:

1). To perform a steal, you must press the appropriate buttons. You need to press X (PS)/ X (Xbox)/ Number 5 (PC) to perform a steal.

2). There are other tips you need to learn, such as timing your steal. Be aware when your opponent is distracted from executing the steal without being detected. It is best to steal the ball during times when the opponent is looking to pass the ball onto someone else or before they shoot.

3). You'll also need to learn about proximity to your opponent and knowing when to steal so you don't give away or do it too late. If you steal too early, you give yourself away; if you steal too late, you miss your chances. You should get up close and personal with your opponent and steal at the optimal time, but not too close that it is considered a foul.

If you wish to perfect your stealing technique, you can try to learn more about it in the practice sessions in the Training room.

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