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How To Response To Much Complaints From NBA 2K18 Players

When a new game launched, there are much complaints from fans, especially for this game not satisfy their requirements. NBA 2K18 was launched on September 19th, owing to NBA 2K18 comes with new modes and more fresh stuffs, on the whole, this game is awesome, but fans care much more about their own wallet, put too much behind the virtual paywall and fans will get upset. For full details, visit here.

NHL 18 Ratings Overhaul: Top 10 Right Wings And Top 10 Defenseman

In order to prepared for the upcoming NHL 18, thanks to EA SPORTS, some players ratings were revealed. With the release of NHL 18 is approaching, EA SPORTS has been building hype, currently, on social media, players ratings can be released, obviously, there's been an overhaul of the rating system. Including top 10 right wings , top 10 defenseman and more, click for source.

NHL 18 & NHL THREES: How Awesome This New Mode Is

In NHL 18, how awesome this new game mode is, NHL THREES focusing on bigger hits, faster gameplay and highlight-reel goals through fun 3-on-3 matches. It's like a mix of NBA Street and a home run derby mixed into one. NHL 18 will include 3-on-3 NHL THREES mode, Hockey Training Camp, new Franchise Mode Expansion Draft feature, Defensive Skill Stick, Ultimate Team Solo Challenges and new Creative Attack controls.

The NHL 18 Experience Complete With All The Brand New Features

NHL 18 releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15th. It's safe to say that EA SPORTS' most consistent series, so expectations should be high for this year's game. Expect this game's more details? If you want to see more game articles and guide, why not to click here to know more?

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