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NHL 18: You Can Choose To Go All-in And Get A Goal For Your Team

Ice hockey fans are probably wondering about how NHL 18 is shaping up? NHL 18 have been already stand out among of some NHL series gameplay, and it's confirmed that the game is set for launch on September 15th. In short, NHL 18 is worth playing in this year, it's an exciting, fast-paced and fun ice hockey simulation video gameplay. 



Players who have owned NHL 15, NHL 16 or NHL 17 will receive a custom Hockey Ultimate Team jersey to use for their NHL 18 Hockey Ultimate Team. It should noted that  HUT players from NHL 15, NHL 16, NHL 17 who create a team in HUT 18 will be eligible for returning user bonuses. More NHL 18 rookies images and videos, as well as this game' some modes and features details, see more at here


NHL 18 introduces a new defensive skill that allows you to have a lot more control over what an attacking player can do. Simply by swiping your stick back and forth along the ice beside and in front of you, gives you more control. Poke checking has been revamped, making it harder to just spam the button to continuously knock the puck away—you now have to aim and time it properly. 


You can choose to go all-in and get a goal for your team, but one small error and you’ll turn over ownership and lead to a breakaway from the other direction. You control one player against other teams with the identical setup. Normal NHL rules apply, and the strategies used by each team are vitally important. What you need to know more about the new NHL game for 2017 and what new features it brings? Visit here: