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NHL 18 & NHL THREES: How Awesome This New Mode Is

In NHL 18, how awesome this new game mode is, NHL THREES focusing on bigger hits, faster gameplay and highlight-reel goals through fun 3-on-3 matches. It's like a mix of NBA Street and a home run derby mixed into one. NHL 18 will include 3-on-3 NHL THREES mode, Hockey Training Camp, new Franchise Mode Expansion Draft feature, Defensive Skill Stick, Ultimate Team Solo Challenges and new Creative Attack controls. 



In the full game, NHL THREES will also feature a single-player campaign mode that tasks you with completing regional circuits and challenges. This mode consists of normal 6-on-6 matches, and you can try out the changes and additions that EA has added to the gameplay. NHL 18 officially launches on September 15 for Xbox One and PS4, and it'll feature Connor McDavid as its cover athlete. Buying NHL 18 coins is an important part in playing NHL 18. 


Play the new arcadey NHL THREES, standard head-to-head, or EASHL in traditional 6-on-6 or the new 3-on-3 format. The complete game will have a number of different features, including the capability to unlock star cards, in addition to a single player campaign that will take you through an assortment of regional circuits, as well as a handful of challenges that can test your hockey mettle. From what we've played thus far, it's a complete blast. 


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