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Many Common Errors Of NBA 2K18 Are Waiting For To Be Fixed

Like many other games in the market, errors are everywhere. Until now, NBA 2K18 has launched and while critics are yet to give their verdict on the game. Many errors are waiting to be fixed, if you are facing issues with NBA 2K18, highly recommend you read this article, all in all, the game's support is quite active and will address these issues down the line. 



Problem: NBA 2K18 - Crashes

Many players are experiencing crashes for NBA 2K18 on PC while playing match or at the final buzzer of the game. 


Solve: Try updating your GPU drivers to latest versions which might solve this issue and make sure you have selected the dedicated GPU while playing the game. 


Problem – Controller Not Working In Online Matches

Many players are reporting controller issues with NBA 2K18 and if the controller is working against the AI but, in online matches, the controller doesn't work. 


Solve: The solution to this problem is to play the game through Steam Big Picture Mode and configure the controller there. 


Problem - Missing .dll Files

Missing .dll files error can happen for a number of reasons but, there are a couple of ways to fix this issue. The common ".dll" file players are encountering as missing is "msvcrt.dll".


Solve: This issue can be resolved by updating to the latest version of Visual C++ Redistributable which you can find online or in the folder titled “Support” and the folder will be located where your game is installed.


Another, way to get rid of this error is to manually download “msvcrt.dll” from the internet and put it in the game folder where binaries are located. However, this method is not recommended.


Besides above mentioned many problems, including also black screen, game doesn’t start, low FPS and more, how to solve these problems? Be sure to find more solution way, now available on U4NBA can be found on.