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NHL 22: The complete guide to fight, tips, and strategy

NHL 22 is a viral hockey game, and fighting in NHL 22 is exciting. It is not easy to win in a battle game. Therefore, this article will introduce the fighting skills and strategy guides in the NHL 22 game to understand how and when to initiate a battle to win and obtain NHL 22 Coins. This guide will give players everything they need to know to win battles in the game.


NHL 22: How to start fighting?

Over the years, it has become more and more challenging to start fighting in EA Sports' NHL games, but in NHL 22, there are still some reliable ways to start fighting.

The primary way to initiate a battle in NHL 22 is to create and accept battle control. In the case of a faceoff waiting for a dead ball, after the referee blows the whistle, you can double-click the triangle/Y when you are close to another opponent to try to pull them into the fight.

On open ice, whether after the whistle is sounded or you are still controlling the players away from the puck, you need to slide closer to your opponent before attempting to initiate a fight. However, other players may ignore your efforts.


In NHL 22, it seems more practical to try to initiate a fight around the faceoff circle. Before the referee drops the ball, double-click the triangle / Y to make one of your wingers hit the nearest opponent with a club, or make one of your defenders call and swing their gloves in a duel.

If it succeeds, there will be a fight when the puck falls. If you decide to fight for the hockey in the faceoff, you may end up canceling the potential battle. 

Especially when fighting against computers, you can use severe fouls and unsportsmanship behaviors to trick your enemies into fighting.


If you want to start fighting in NHL 22, wait for your opponent to support you against the board. Then, use the hustle and bustle (L3) to surge and check. If it is a foul, the opponent will almost certainly drop their gloves to fight.


Use the offside rule to start the battle in a way that does not depend on you waiting for an opportunity.

All you need to do is slide into the offensive zone, wait for your teammate to score, then quickly slide back to the other side of the blue line, and then return to the objectionable site to trigger an offside penalty.

Once offside is judged, there will be a short window for you to have the puck still. Next, shoot at the goalkeeper. Someone from another team will fly in and start fighting, and most importantly, your players will only sit for five minutes to fight instead of fouling.


The following is an example of how to use offside calls to start a fight:

If you play against other players on the couch or online, you must wait for them to accept your attempt to initiate a battle. This is achieved by double-clicking the triangle /Y in the small window after successfully creating the struggle.



NHL 22: What are the fighting tips?

Whether you use skill sticks, hybrids, or NHL 94 controls when playing NHL 22, the combat controls remain the same.

These are all the battle controls needed to start and win battles in NHL 22.


NHL 22 Fighting Controls PS4 / PS5 Controls Xbox One / Series X|S Controls
Initiate Fight Triangle (double-tap) Y (double-tap)
Accept Fight (when an opponent tries to initiate) Triangle (double-tap) Y (double-tap)
Grab L2 (hold) LT (hold)
Fake Grab L2 LT
Overhand Punch R (upwards) R (upwards)
Uppercut R (downwards) R (downwards)
Push L (upwards) L (upwards)
Pull L (downwards) L (downwards)
Block/Lean Back R2 (hold) RT (hold)
Dodge R2 RT

Once your attempt to initiate a battle by double-clicking the triangle /Y or unsportsmanly is accepted, the two players will take off their gloves and adopt a fighting stance.

Next, the players will clash to grab the jersey during the battle or throw their fists in circles within the range.

Regardless of the NHL 22 control settings you use, you always need to use the two triggers and two analogs on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers to fight.

The purpose of the battle is to exhaust the opponent's energy bar (located in the bottom corner, under the player's name) before the opponent exhausts your energy bar. To do this, you need to punch and let them miss the fist.


At the beginning of the fight, if the boxers stand apart, you will not use push and pull combat controls. However, higher law enforcers prefer to strike from within. If you want to remove two fighters together, press and hold L2/LT to grab, or lightly press the trigger to pretend to grab.

Dodge and block are the keys. Use R2/RT to deflect and tilt the ball to make your opponent tired and create opportunities for counterattacks.

If your opponent is in an open position, using the right analog to get started quickly may be very effective-especially if they continue not to block or dodge. If they stop or lean frequently, uppercuts (see controls below) are more effective.

Both fighters grab each other's jerseys during a fight, and you can use the simulation on the left to push and pull the opponent. Timing with subsequent punches or dodges can increase your chances of hitting or avoiding a punch.



NHL 22: The complete guide to fighting tips

Although the battle controls in NHL 22 are straightforward, a few tips can help you win battles and take full advantage of them.


Go ahead and choose your fist to win a battle.

If you get your first punch in an NHL 22 match, you will find that you can continue to hit the ball and win quickly. However, if they block the shot or dodge, your opponent can promptly counterattack.

Therefore, the best way to fight in NHL 22 is to do so strategically. Push, pull, and dodge to open the opening, and then use a combination of upper hooks and uppercuts.

However, if you hold down the R2/RT button to try to avoid all their punches, you will soon see them knock you down or lose your balance.


So, stay active, keep moving, dodge, push and pull, but grasp the timing of your punches because if you fight against a capable law enforcer, you will lose a fight if you miss a fist.


Choose the best enforcer to win a battle.

Perhaps the best tip for fighting in a new ice hockey game is to choose your fight, mainly when you use who your performer is.

Any line can start fighting. You don't want to risk injury and make sure your star players are in the penalty area by letting them fight.

Fighting against skaters with highly rated fighting skills, balance, and strength attributes (the best attributes we list below) can give you a considerable advantage and increase your chances of getting a punch or a quick knockdown.


In addition, the fighters in the game often do not have high overall ratings, allowing you to lose their team within five minutes without missing key players on the ice.


Timing is Everything

If you face the computer, your opponent will probably not lose gloves often unless your misbehavior lures them into battle. Therefore, it is best to choose the best opportunity to start fighting.

In addition to trying to fight with your law enforcement and best fighter team on the ice, you also want to start a fight in NHL 22 when your team's energy is low.

When the playback stops or a new line appears, you can see the colored energy bar for each line in the bottom corner. When these values ​​are low and you need to change the game's momentum, you should try to start fighting.

If you win the subsequent battle, the energy level of your line will increase dramatically, giving you a boost while also strangling your enemies. However, losing this battle will provide the opposing team with an energy boost, so be sure to choose your battle wisely.



NHL 22: The Best Fighter

Most law enforcement officers in NHL 22 are not particularly useful outside of their combat skills, and their overall scores are usually below 72.

However, some skaters have superb fighting skills, balance, and strength attributes that make them excellent performers and useful in open competitions.

We will publish an article about the best NHL 22 enforcers, but for now, you can find a list of some of the best fighters in NHL 22 below.


Player Fighter Score Type Overall Team
Ryan Reaves 92.67 Grinder 78 New York Rangers
Zdeno Chára 92.67 Defensive Defenseman 82 Free Agent
Milan Lucic 92.33 Power Forward 80 Calgary Flames
Jamie Oleksiak 91.00 Defensive Defenseman 82 Seattle Kraken
Zack Kassian 90.33 Power Forward 80 Edmonton Oilers
Brian Boyle 90.33 Power Forward 79 Free Agent
Nicolas Deslauriers 90.00 Grinder 78 Anaheim Ducks
Tom Wilson 90.00 Power Forward 84 Washington Capitals


The "fighting score" is the calculated average of the player's critical fighting attribute scores.

This is everything you need to know about fighting in NHL 22, from choosing the right battle time to winning the battle better.