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What Should You Pay Attention To When Creating New Tera Character

The Tera character creation guide might be a short walkthrough of your in-game character creation procedure. I will glance over all the unique races, classes, cosmetics and name creation procedure. This tutorial is geared toward newcomers that just want a rapid run through of your Tera character creation method. 



Tera restricted the creation of your Reaper class. You may only generate a Reaper in case you possess a level of 40 or greater character already around the identical server. I'll give an instance of how this works. Let's pretend you might have a level 40+ toon around the Mount Tyrannas server and no toons 40+ on Valley of Titans. When you attempted to make a Reaper on Valley of Titans you can get an error message saying which you cannot make a Reaper mainly because you've got no 40+ characters on VoT. You'll be able to only make a Reaper on the Mount Tyrannas server.


The Tera Character Name Rules

- Characters names are distinctive per server. It is possible to make a character with the very same name on each server provided that the name is just not currently taken on each and every individual server.


- The maximum character length is 20 characters.


- The minimum character length is three characters.


- It is possible to use the following characters [A-Z] or [a-z] and [.].


- Spaces will not be permitted in character names.


- The first letter will likely be capitalized too every single letter immediately after a period. Instance “First.Middle.Lastname”.


- Capital letters cannot exist within the middle of a word. As an example: “firSt.laSt” will not be permitted.


- Periods are only allowed within the middle of your name, periods can't adhere to yet another period, and no extra than two periods is often inside the name.


Within the Tera Character Creation & Making Reaper Video Tutorial below I go more than the following user character creation aspects…



01. Short run-through on the races in Tera: Human, Castanic, Aman, Popori, Elin, Baraka & High Elf


02. Short scan on the classes in Tera: Reaper, Berserker, Lancer, Slayer, Warrior, Sorcerer, Archer, Priest & Mystic


03. I make an Elin Reaper


04. A short run-through of cosmetic Presets, Cosmetic Features, Face Details, Adornments, Fine Details, Outfit previews & Character Voice


05. Tera Character Name Creation Guide: Tutorial on ways to make a name for your toon, what happens when you select a name that is taken and what happens when you select a name that just isn't taken.


06. Finish up the Tera character creation procedure and make a Reaper.


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