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Madden NFL 17: Who Do You Think Will be January Gauntlet

Gauntlet is a brand new mode added to Madden series. It's a 40-level series of challenges, which range from completing passing against various lines of defense and making field goals to preventing first downs and using finesse moves to attack the QB. So who do you think will be January Gauntlet? This article will take you to see players' ideas.


Of course, different people get different ideas. They back up for their favorite playersm or some players just want to make a benefit. Players hope to it has a good gold chem and decent speed. As for EA, they probably pick someone with 80 speed. There are some players who gamers like to see.


Madden 17 Gauntlet


Joe Haden: Gamers said he is good, "he's been in my lineup all year, by far the best gauntlet reward". He is pretty good in the slot with the agility. He is good at run support if you are getting pounded sub him in. But gamers thought he is not that good as a starter. 


There are also some other candidates except Haden.


Kyle Rudolph: A great player, gamers thought he was amazing.


Rob Ninkovich: This guy got December Gauntlet, do you think he will win January Gauntlet? Some gamer said"I think Ninkovich is still my backup LB lol". So what do you think of?


Allen Robinson: Although going by previous players great stats don't appear to a requirement, he's been bad all year. Gamers still want him to be the next gauntlet hero.


Also gamers hope the players like a 96 beasley, James Harrison, etc would show up. By the way, we don't know. We probably know the results this week. Let's wait. Now the promotion for all products on our online store will be invalid on Jan 10, 2017. Hurry up. We madden-store.com are the best place to buy madden 17 coins. This time, the discount code "NFL2017" will save you 5% off. In addition, when you buy madden mobile coins for a certain amount, extra benefits are earned to you.