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Madden NFL 18 Changed The Way Preseason Works: Preseason Is Important

Madden is clearly designed for a small tablet experience, but you can certainly play in stretches on a larger tablet. Anyway, this game's modes get very interesting. What are your thoughts about the changes to game modes in Madden NFL 18, especially for this game's story mode, Longshot, if you have any opinions about game modes, you can go to website at any time and put forward your any ideas. 



Madden NFL 18 changed the way preseason works, and it makes the preseason very important. In past years, starters played most, if not all, of the preseason games. Now, they will play a specified amount of time during exhibition games. This gives you time to see your young players work for a roster spot. Madden NFL 18 has tuned regression in Franchise mode to be more reflective of real-life football. 


For the simulation to be accurate, more than half of the league needs to be replaced every three years. Franchise now ramps players into the regression system slowly so that you have more time to use these players and to execute a replacement plan.


Adjusted regression points so they are introduced more slowly over time.

Added new awareness regression for older players on underperforming teams.

WRs, CBs, and RBs can no longer regress speed below 90 due to age.


Like a lot of sports games, Madden 18 is a core and important games. You will start off the game with a group of benchwarmers and borderline starters, and as you play you'll acquire better players until you've got a roster worthy of contending for the Super Bowl. There are many list of Madden 18 player ratings, come to U4GM and know these information and buy madden mobile coins