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NBA 2K18: Irving Is One Of The Biggest Names In Professional Basketball

2K confirm that there is a cover of NBA 2K18 featuring Kyrie Irving in a Celtics jersey. Whatever happens, Irving is one of the biggest names in professional basketball and is among the league's standouts. NBA 2K18 launches on September 19, although you can get it four days early by pre-ordering. At U4NBA, we are specialized in selling cheap NBA 2K18 MT



Coaching is a more important aspect than before. Regardless of the MyTeam mode you're playing, NBA 2K18 uses a new system proficiency tech that optimizes teams based on eight different systems. NBA 2K18's primary additions to MyTeam come in the form of two new ways to play, each of which offers rewards for doing well. 


In any case, you can get some nice bonuses if you pre-order the game. You'll get to play it four days early, starting on September 15. In addition, you'll receive the following content:


Kyrie Outfit Pack

5,000 Virtual Currency

10 Weekly MyTeam Packs


Considering that NBA 2K18 hasn't even launched yet, this might be a bit of a marketing headache for developer 2K Sports. As we know, NBA 2K has been a leader in sports gaming over the last few years. Publisher 2K Sports has revealed the top-rated players for the game and broken down the overall numbers by position, visit here to know these player ratings.