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NHL 16 Gameplay Tips and Tricks

You were good at NHL 15 and now you suck at NHL 16 or maybe you were never that good at NHL 15. Either way this guide will help you.


NHL 16


1. First and foremost strategies are way more crucial this year. If you read nothing else of this post, read this. The way NHL16 is setup is to account for momentum in the movement of players. The more directions your player has to change the slower he is going to be. Find a strategy that aligns with your gameplay so that those players are moving the direction you want them to. 


2. There is way less time to dick around in this game. If you were a player that liked holding onto the puck and waiting for that perfect opportunity, your going to struggle. This game the opposing team is on you right away and while on occasion this still can be an effective tool, 9/10 you're going to lose the puck.


3. Mentioned this in another post, but lay off speed burst when entering the opposing teams zone. You enter holding it and they are going to swarm to you and take away your free space.


4. When the opposing team has the puck, even if you feel physically and logically impossible go for the puck. The physics on this part of the game are so unrealistic and dumb. You can get the puck back in almost any scenario.


5. One timers are still a big part of this game. Personally I think they require no skill and suck but hey you gotta do what you gotta do to win every now and then.


6. Speed is another important facet of this game. As the boost cards become obsolete it would seem the speed becomes more important to strategy.


7. Faceoffs are crucial to know how to win. Learn 3-4 ways and roll them. Cant expect to win if you're chasing the puck half the game.


Remember to slow the game down. Look at what your opponent is doing. As frustrating as it is, his strategy is working. On your side too slow the game down and observe how the defense is hindering you. See if there is a way to adjust your strategy to be more effective.