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How to Make NHL 16 Coins Easy and Fast

Here we introduce methods to you, so that you can make NFL 16 coins easy and fast. These methods include the hour mark method, the gold player method and the bonze pack method.


how to make NHL 16 coins


The Hour Mark Method

For this method you are going to want to make your way to the our mark in the auction house searching under gold players. What you are looking for is under priced players that you can snag with a cheap buy it now. This method generally works best when there is a special pack out as people are trying to move players ASAP to open more packs! Also another thing to lookout for is players with a buy it now price that is lower than their quick sell value, those players can generally be sold for more and if you really can’t sell that player you can always quick sell him and still make a profit.


The Bonze Pack Method

This method doesn't work so fast, but it can still work and make you a lot of coins. For this method all you do is open up bronze packs and sell all of the players on the market as some bronze players can be worth up to 5k which is a huge profit! The reason that some cards are so expensive is because no one really opens up bronze packs and if you have the only card of a bronze player you can set the price of it for those looking to complete collections.


The Gold Player Method

Step 1. Search under Gold Players

Step 2. Set maximum bid price to 250 coins

Step 3. Head to the hour mark

Step 4. Then bid on all Players 75+ (Try not to bid on Shiny Gold for this method)

Step 5. Quick sell all Gold Players or try to re-sell them at a higher price (I recommend quick selling because it is a lot faster and guarantees profit)

Step 6. Repeat


Some people who play NHL 16 can have a try on these tips.