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The NBA 2K18 Team Released Their Player Ratings For This Year

NBA 2K18 has grown leaps and bounds since initial hands-on impression. So many players play multiple games and explore every mode during the live preview event on Thursday in New York. NBA 2K18 is the most much-anticipated gameplay, what this means is that this game will be better than previous gameplay.

NHL 18 Ratings Overhaul: Top 10 Right Wings And Top 10 Defenseman

In order to prepared for the upcoming NHL 18, thanks to EA SPORTS, some players ratings were revealed. With the release of NHL 18 is approaching, EA SPORTS has been building hype, currently, on social media, players ratings can be released, obviously, there's been an overhaul of the rating system. Including top 10 right wings , top 10 defenseman and more, click for source.

NBA 2K18: Trailer For Special Guest Commentary

Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett may not be any more active basketball players, this does not mean they have nothing to say about sports. And where to do it better than in the upcoming NBA 2K18.

NHL 18 & NHL THREES: How Awesome This New Mode Is

In NHL 18, how awesome this new game mode is, NHL THREES focusing on bigger hits, faster gameplay and highlight-reel goals through fun 3-on-3 matches. It's like a mix of NBA Street and a home run derby mixed into one. NHL 18 will include 3-on-3 NHL THREES mode, Hockey Training Camp, new Franchise Mode Expansion Draft feature, Defensive Skill Stick, Ultimate Team Solo Challenges and new Creative Attack controls.

The NHL 18 Experience Complete With All The Brand New Features

NHL 18 releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 15th. It's safe to say that EA SPORTS' most consistent series, so expectations should be high for this year's game. Expect this game's more details? If you want to see more game articles and guide, why not to click here to know more?

NHL 18: There Are More New Ways To Play Than Ever Before

In NHL 18, there are more new ways to play than ever before, and players throughout the world have got a passion for this game. In all honesty, between various modes, local and online exhibitions, and co-op, there are 64 total ways to play. The game is a quite outstanding ice hockey simulation video gameplay, the developers are making a commendable effort to implement key features.

New Longshot Video Is Coming To Madden 18

These days, new videos are coming to us, as well as the first international test scores for the next week's football simulation "Madden NFL 18". Can the sports title meet the expectations?

NHL 18: You Can Choose To Go All-in And Get A Goal For Your Team

Ice hockey fans are probably wondering about how NHL 18 is shaping up? NHL 18 have been already stand out among of some NHL series gameplay, and it's confirmed that the game is set for launch on September 15th. In short, NHL 18 is worth playing in this year, it's an exciting, fast-paced and fun ice hockey simulation video gameplay.

30 Franchises Will Be Included In NBA 2K18

After unveiling some new features for NBA 2K18 plunging the player even more towards a realism pushed to the extreme, 2K Games has recently presented on its Twitter account yet another welcome addition with the All-Time Teams for the thirty franchises in the championship.

NHL 18 Is Under Development For The Xbox One And PlayStation 4

For the upcoming NHL 18 ice hockey simulation video game, the developers of EA SPORTS go to the various features and improvements. Currently, NHL 18 is under development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and will be available from 15 September onwards. This year, NHL 18 will bring various innovations and improvements.

NHL 18's Features Is One Of The Most Incredible And Fascinating Features

Features in NHL 18 has been a great integration, in effect, it's one of the most incredible and fascinating features that NHL ever came up in recent years. Fans really appreciated that features and they want to see more of it in the upcoming games too. Cheap NHL 18 Coins are available for purchase at U4GM.

NHL 18: 3-on-3 Arcade Mode NHL THREES And Its Three Tiers

NHL 18 will be revealed to worldwide on 15th September, in the several months, NHL 18 will be the most exciting ice hockey simulation video game. During the 2017 NHL Awards, McDavid, he was confirmed as EA SPORTS' cover star for NHL 18. Notably, McDavid is one of the league's newest generation of stars.

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