Best Teams Top Tier In NHL 16

For our master ranking of the best NHL 16 Teams, we’re all about passing along quality information, and always enjoy creating a lively discussion. Following are best teams Top Tier in NHL 16.

Top 10 NHL Player Ratings: Right Wingers

NHL 16 right wingers featuring a Russian Phenom who is taking the league by storm. There are six categories when determining rating attributes: Puck Skills, Senses, Shooting, Defense, Skating, and Physicality. Following are top 10 right wingers in NHL 16.

Top 10 NHL Player Ratings: Left Wingers

EA Sports has released their NHL 16 player ratings for the top 10 left wingers in the game, along with screenshots of each one of them in action.

Best Bargain Players In NHL 16

There are some impressive players who have good technology at a cheap price. Buy these men today with little NHL Coins and you'll have no regrets.

Top 10 NHL Player Ratings: Centers

EA Sports continued its ratings reveal for the upcoming release of NHL 16 with the top centers available for users. As with previous rating releases, only the top 10 have been announced.

Why Should I Play NHL 16

NHL 16 is a hockey video game developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports. Upon release, NHL 16 received positive reviews. Facing to a lot of online games, why should you and your friends play NHL 16? Well, we have five simple reasons.

Top 10 Goalies Player Ratings in NHL 16

EAs looked at a goalie's Reflexes, Puck Control, and Athletic Ability when deciding their overall rating.
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